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v2.03d Released & Development Status

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v2.03d Released & Development Status Empty v2.03d Released & Development Status

Post by Siraraz on 02/07/12, 02:39 pm

There are two things I have to announce. The first thing that is (obviously) the release of v2.03d. This update brings a controversial change in relation to the health points of Pudge. The HP gained from one point of strength and the strength per level is halved so that later on, Pudges are not as beefy and are easier to kill. Another big change is the implementation of two new powerups: Spectral Dagger and Berserker's Blood (credit to Daeman for the idea). Spectral Dagger provides Pudge the ability to hook through allies, land mines and barricades (so go on, get that Headshot!). Berserker's Blood provides you bonus damage and speed based on your percentage of health you are missing. The list of changes can be viewed at the changelog.

The second thing to announce is in regards to the development of the map. I've decided that I will no longer be updating (heh, a bit far of me to say 'updating' when I took forever to deliver them) this map anymore. I will not be able to find time to continue editing the map due to other real life commitments. The only updates that I will be delivering are bug fixes (I'm sure some will come quite soon). Therefore I have released an unoptimized version of Pudge Wars for people to learn, for people to edit, and for anyone wishing to continue development for this fun map. You may download the unoptimized version here.

- Siraraz

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v2.03d Released & Development Status Empty Re: v2.03d Released & Development Status

Post by Mr_Bean on 02/07/12, 02:58 pm

Nice changes. Can't wait to play.


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