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v2.02 A2 Released!

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v2.02 A2 Released! Empty v2.02 A2 Released!

Post by Siraraz on 29/01/12, 11:20 am

Version 2.02 Alpha 1 Released!

After about a month and a week, I've finally updated the map once more.

The changelog can be viewed here.
The map can be downloaded here.
A version with 12 players can be downloaded here.

I'm hoping strongly that this version will be free of any major bugs/errors/glitches. I've mentioned at the top of the changelog a few errors that haven't been fixed, however, these shouldn't occur under random circumstances.

I'm not sure if I've fixed this, but Warcraft III might randomly crash or begin to lag. I haven't tested this thoroughly, but hopefully it doesn't happen anymore.

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