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Post by Mr_Bean on 02/03/12, 02:56 pm

Welcome to the changelog archive. A list of previous changelogs will be kept here.


Version D:
Version D (08/07/2012):
*Strength gained per level for Pudge reverted back to 5.0 (+125 HP/level)

Bug Fixes
*Fixed the level 5 Rupture percent to be actually 30% instead of 40% (oops)
*Fixed level 5 Rupture from not being applied when the target Blinks away
*Fixed a bug in which Split would always end up as a deny

Version C:
Version C (02/07/2012):
*Added a new powerup: Spectre’s Dagger
Allows you to Meat Hook through allies, land mines and barricades for 30 seconds
*Added a new powerup: Berserker’s Blood
Same concept as the passive on Sacred Warrior (Huskar) from DotA. For every 5% health missing, Pudge gains 5% damage and speed. The first bonus starts at full health. This buff lasts for 30 seconds.

*HP per strength point reduced from 50 to 25
*Strength per level reduced from 5.0 to 2.5
*Increase Strength cannot be bought if you have more than 125 already

Split (Azwraith’s Lance):
*Pudge now has the same life when exiting Split formation
*Split visual slightly modified; the real Pudge is transparent and tinted black

Techies’ Explosive Barrel:
*Improved mine damage from (300, 350, 400, 450, 500) to (400, 462.5, 525, 587.5, 650)
*Improved thrown mines’ damage from (500, 575, 650, 725, 800) to (625, 737.5, 850, 912.5, 1025)

Blink (Grapple Hook):
*Blink cast range reduced from 900 to 650
*Blink now escapes hooks

*Initial position now randomized
*Improved fountain regeneration rate from 7.5hp per second to 1% (of max HP) per second
*Ward cast range reduced from 500 to 200
*Ward charges from 3 to 2


*Floating text is no longer shown if you can’t see the unit
*Changed flame model so it is easier to attack manually
*Changed hotkeys of Upgrades shop
*Command –unstuck now moves camera instantly


*Added new game mode: timed mode (-tmxxx)
Timed mode will set the game to last xxx minutes. The team that has the most kills at the end of this time will be the winners. Example usage: -tm030nt. This will make a 30 minute game with revive time of 5 seconds. In this way, a draw can occur.
*Added a team-switch mechanism (like DotA’s)
Usage: -switch x, this will initiate a switch request with a player on the other team. The value of x can be from 1 to 5 (even unused player slots). All players except one must then accept this request by typing –ok.
*HostBot command now registered in a different style. Instead of “k1n” for –km100nt, the style is now: k1 for –km10, n25 for –km250nt, etc. The first string is ‘k’ or ‘n’. HCL supports only kills mode for now. The number after it will be the kills required x10.
*Added command –camh to adjust camera distance
*Added more hints
*Changelog removed from quest menu due to space limitation

Bug Fixes

*Fixed a bug in which a powerup could be repeated twice
*Fixed a bug with Rupture in which it would not end when you Doppelwalked a Level 5 Strygwyr Claws Meat Hook

Version B:
Version B (03/06/2012):

*Fixed lag caused when items would be dropped.
*Leaver items and gold now given to team again.

Version A:
Version A (30/05/2012):


*Reduced base movespeed from 350 to 325

Meat Hook
*Reduced damage upgrade amount from 35 to 20
*Reduced radius upgrade amount from 15 to 10
*Reduced speed upgrade amount from 75 to 50


*Added a new consumable item: Dust of Apperance (25g)
Effect: Reveals invisible units within 500 radius area of effect. Lasts 5 seconds. Contains 2 charges.
*Changed the item models of most items to a miniture version of the hero they represent

Strygwyr’s Claws:
*Reduced base drag % by 5% (10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%)
*Level 5 bonus Rupture reduced from 40% to 30%
*Level 5 bonus Rupture duration reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds
*Level 5 bonus Rupture no longer deals damage on Blink (distance must be more than 250 range)

Azwraith’s Lance:
*Illusions cannot spawn if hook causes death

Tiny’s Arm:
*Reduced cast range increment from 500 to 300 (1000/1300/1600/1900/2200 range)
*Cast range changed to infinite, but actual effect distance will remain the actual maximum range

Techies’ Explosive Barrel:
*Reduced mine damage from (500, 575, 650, 725, 800) to (300, 350, 400, 450, 500)
*Reduced thrown mines' damage from (750, 900, 1050, 1100, 1250) to (500, 575, 650, 725, 800)
*Reduced area of effect (applies to both ground and thrown): Full damage:
Reduced by 50. From (200, 225, 250, 275, 300) to (150, 175, 200, 225, 250)
Half damage: Reduced by 100. From (400, 425, 450, 475, 500) to (300, 325, 350, 375, 400)

Barathrum’s Lantern:
*Power Bash no longer affects allies

Lycan’s Paws (Please send feedback in regards to this item):
*Movespeed bonus reduced from 50/75/100/125/150 to 40/55/70/85/100
*Movespeed increase % removed from Level 5. Attack % increase from 27% to 40%

*Reveal now costs a fixed 10g
*Reveal now has a 15s cooldown


*Powerups now spawn as ally instead of enemy
*Changed powerup spawn algorithm: the powerup chosen is still random but cannot be repeated until all other powerups have been spawned

*Flame unit vision reduced from 500 to 200 (same as v1.24)

*Thunder nova now created when activated
*Added new lightning visual effect for meat hook. If flame is active with thunder, the hook will be a red lightning (currently not possible unless under testing conditions)


*Suiciding not caused by Techies' Ultimate or Dynamite rune now causes your team to lose one point
*Max level heroes no longer drain xp
*Invulnerability when reviving lasts only 2.5 seconds. Hook-safety still remains 5 seconds.
*Hints are now displayed every 45 seconds for newer players. Use -togglehints/-toghints to turn on/off. Use -showhint to display a random hint.
*Revive time for non-nt mode changed from 3(level) + 5 to (level) + 5
*Observers/Referees can now see damage tags and other messages
*Leaver gold and items are no longer distributed (maybe this will fix the lag?)
*Added HCL support for bots. Currently only supports the following modes:
'k1n' = -km100nt
'k1' = -km100
Feedback on this area is appreciated.


*Leaver heroes are now removed
*Dynamite now explodes when the previous holder was an illusion who has dissapeared
*Fixed a bug in where giving an item which became an upgraded item would still allow you to cast the ability

Known bugs:
*When a player leaves lag is created


Alpha 2:
Alpha 2 (29/01/2012):

*AI has few bugs with item purchasing
*Barricades may not properly rotate if multiple are ordered to by another player under shared control
*Various bugs with ‘whosyourdaddy’ cheat in offline play
*Few errors with messages in testing mode
*Leavers hero is not removed from game

*Toss projectile pickup priority changed:
1. Allied mines
2. Enemy heroes
3. Allied wards
4. Allied heroes
5. Enemy mines
6. Enemy wards
*Pudge is now invulnerable for 5 seconds after reviving
*Increased the Hyperspeed slow percentage from 50% to 75%
*Increased Grapple Hook’s Blink range from 400 to 900 (now allows blinking to other side)
*Few changes on Earthshaker’s Totem:
*Removed the armor from barricades(armor wasn’t used in Pudge Wars anyways)
*Added 40% resistance to all damage types to barricades
*Added a 90-second duration to barricades
Max level ability (Fissure):
*Fissure barricades are now created in an exact straight line (compared to previously jagged)
*Fissure-made barricades are now invulnerable (damage text still shows though)
*Added another grapple lightpost to each side
*Changed the position of existing lightposts to let the new one fit in better
*Land Mines can now damage wards and fissures
*Land Mines can now damage other land mines within a 75 range radius.
*Increased the radius of Blade Barrier from 175 to 200 (same as pre-v2)
*Increased the flame damage interval from 0.25 sto 0.50s (same damage dealt, just less frequent)
the stun duration on Level 5 Toss from proportional to the distance to
an approximately fixed 0.75s (this 0.75s is counted from when the tossed
unit stops motion)

*Removed the yellow flashy cooldown model
*Reduced the number of blade units in blade barrier by half
*Headshot kill message now shows who owns the first hook
*Fixed Lycan’s Paws purchase tooltip
*Removed the [Level 1] suffix from the Reveal tooltip
*Changed Split ‘s death animation
*Changed the Hyperspeed trail duration from 1.0928 to 1.08 (barely noticeable)
*Removed the smooth transition of terrain fog when hyperspeed is active
*Pudge explosions (when Pudge explodes into many parts) now face the same direction before exploding
*Added a death animation for Land Mines
*Added a death animation for Barricades
*Added a spawn animation for Barricades made with Fissure
*Added death information on the killing spree quest information log
*Improved Upgrade Point tooltip in the screen interface
*Changed the hero attribute tooltips

*Added a 5-second delay before the match starts after the mode is selected
*Added a sound for when the game starts
*Added map description
*Modified item purchase hotkeys. Item hotkey corresponds to their position in the command card.
*More script optimizing
*Blade Barrier can now be removed using the -r/-reset command.
*Game no longer ends in 60 seconds after a team wins

*Removed the –observer command from the Commands quest log
*Fixed the command -stat from not working
reveal gold cost now reduces exactly 7 minutes after the game mode is
selected rather than 7 minutes after the game is loaded
*Fixed barricades from not rotating when multiple are selected (see known bugs)
*Removed the fountain powerup from the powerup spawn pool
*Fixed Toss from picking dead land mines as a projectile
*Fixed testing commands from being active every game
*Fixed Dynamite/Techies’ Detonate from only damaging one unit.
*Fixed a bug in which an observer/referee player leaving would cause the scoreboard to display “left” everywhere on it.
*Fixed a bug with -resethook command detection of current hooks
*Fixed a bug with hyperspeed leaving vision behind after it had ended

redesigned by kingkingyyk3. The AI now has a randomized hook upgrade
pattern as well as a randomized item purchasing pattern. The AI is now
able to use active abilities and has improved reactions to specific

Alpha 1:
Alpha 1 (29/01/2012):

*New powerup: Some Fountain Manipulator powerup [NOT COMPLETED].
*Reworked Split.

Stat Changes

  • Duration: 30 -> 35
  • AoE: 800 -> 900
  • Cost: 5 -> 50 (decreases by 5 gold every 7 mins until price is 5 gold)

*Illusion damage taken increased from 100% -> 200%
*Changed max. players from 12 -> 10 (allows observers in lobby, removed in-game observer commands)
*Change priority of projectile pickup for Toss, as follows:

  1. Allied Land Mines
  2. Allied Wards
  3. Enemy Heroes
  4. Allied Heroes
  5. Enemy Land Mines
  6. Enemy Wards
*Limited amount of Doppelwalk illusions to one. When Doppelwalk fires; any existing illusion will be destroyed.
*Grapple Hook radius capped to 250.

*Buying items with full inventory
*Item repickup limit removed.
*Added command: -clear. This command clears the screen of any text messages.
*Changed “dy” to “-dd”
*Changed “ff” to “-ff”
*Added “-r” for “-reset” command

*Renamed Phantom’s Lance to Azwraith’s Lance
*Changed Phantom’s Lance (Azwraith’s Lance) tooltip
*Removed the “Advanced” from the map name
the player board (-sb board) to show method of killing for each
individual method rather then a category. Instead of “powerup, attack,
headshot, hook, item”, it is now “blades, fire, lightning, dynamite,
etc.”. Methods of killing you haven’t used are coloured, grey, whilst
those you have are coloured green.
*Added disclaimer for Grappling
Hook stating that it is not an offensive ability. It can only grapple
structures, not hook units.
*Barricade and Grappling Hook command
card position fixed so they don’t move around. Grapple Hook occupies (1,
2) and Lay Barricade occupies (2, 2).
*The Choose Upgrades window
will automatically close after a player upgrades a stat if their skill
points (or lumber) is below the minimum value required for an upgrade. For example:
you have 5 Skill Points, all upgrades cost 3 Skill Points. You decide
to upgrade a random stat, you are left with 2 Skill Points. Seeing as
you are unable to upgrade anymore, the window will automatically close.
*Quest log detailing the amount of kills for each spree. Killing Spree - 3, and so forth.
*Dynamite: the floating text now follows the holding unit’s height.
*Dynamite: the floating text no longer jumps from 20 height to 150 when activated
*Toss: added a targeting image to show the collision-contact radius.
*Toss: land mines now face the proper direction when they are thrown with Toss.
*Pudge shadow centre changed from 60,60 to 75,75
*Rescaled the Grapple Hook model to a more accurate size.

*Changed the rate at which AI purchased items: 0.03125 -> 1.00
*Changed the rate at which AI predicted unit movement: 0.03125 -> 0.25
*Rescaled AI reaction time. Easy: 0.6s. Normal: 0.45s. Insane: 0.3s

*Fixed hyperspeed from not providing speed boost to revived players who died with hyperspeed
*Fixed the speed of objects in hyperspeed when Tossed
*Fixed illusions from being able to damage anything.
*Fixed a bug where Toss wouldn’t work.
*Fixed a bug in which powerups would not follow the proper trajectory when Tossed.
*Users may no longer purchase Tome of Power at Level 25. Gold is refunded if player attempts to purchase.

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