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What is Pudge Wars?

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What is Pudge Wars? Empty What is Pudge Wars?

Post by Mr_Bean on 11/12/11, 11:49 pm

Project Details

This map was based off the original Pudge Wars.

Tossrock wrote:I created Pudge Wars Advanced because I was playing the original (Pudge Wars, which was teams of 3 with the basic hook spell and a "lay mine" spell) and thought to myself "This is a fun game but could be way better." And so I improved it. I know about pretty much all the current bugs but I'm pretty busy with college and stuff, and also terribly lazy. Maybe I'll put a new version out in time for Winter break.
Source: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/589475-warcraft-iii-the-frozen-throne/46354776

Pudge Wars was created by Tossrock, and taken over by Siraraz in 2010. Decline in development (before new developer came) was due to the following reasons:

  • Software used to develop map ceased to function properly.
  • Lack of enough free time. Other priorities and commitments.
  • Starcraft II's release was near; development would be futile and a waste of effort and time.
  • Development is primarily done by Siraraz. Credits however are due to other users as their resources have been used.
Minimap overview:

What is Pudge Wars? Maplayout

Map Details

Pudge Wars (or Pudge Wars for short) is a mini-game map where two teams of up to five players aim to achieve victory by scoring a certain amount of enemy kills or winning a certain amount of rounds first. The arena is set in a 32x32 map (even less actually), divided by a river running vertically in the middle of the map: creating two sides, West and East.

The map is based on the Butcher character from DotA, and his ability: Meat Hook. The map has heavily expanded on the simple Meat Hook ability and is the core of the map. The ability Meat Hook is a simple concept: Pudge throws his bloody Meat Hook towards the targeted location. Any units hit by the hook will be damaged and reeled back to Pudge. Once reeled back, you can kill the target by attacking him or hooking him again. However, this is a team game; expect the enemy to reel him back to their side and do the same thing. This map is fast paced with at least six players.



  • Anitarf for UnitFadeSystem, SpellEvent
  • grim001 for GetProc
  • Jesus4Lyf for Advanced Indexing and Data Storage (AIDS), DummyCaster, Timer32 (T32)
  • Nestharus for Event
  • Kenny for some extracts of code I used from his Pudge Wars Meat Hook Revisited
  • Rising_Dusk for GroupUtils
  • Sevion for Alloc
  • TheDamien for Ascii
  • Tirlititi for ItemCleanup
  • Vexorian for FauxHandleVars, SimError, Table, ARGB, TimerUtils, Warcraft III Map Optimizer

  • Hatebreeder for rescaling the WardenMissile upon my request
  • xXMephistoXx for his Magic Hat model (used in Hat Party command)

  • DotA for the Spirit Lance icon (used for Spirit Lance icon)

  • kunkka for the loading screen
  • kingkingyyk3 for regularly helping me when I need it, and for developing the AI
  • Tossrock

  • BAkil for helping me test the map and bug hunting
  • TrevorTheHoly (registered as Endless_Trev on TheHelper.net) for helping me test the map and bug hunting
  • Orgetorox
  • Fire525108
  • aznshocktrooper
Special thanks:

  • Mr_Bean for helping me with the forums and managing them, for managing the twitter account, and for continued support.

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