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v2.03c Beta Release

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v2.03c Beta Release Empty v2.03c Beta Release

Post by Siraraz on 25/06/12, 09:08 am

Time for a beta! It's probably more stable and useful than v2.03b, but that's up to you people to decide. Download link is http://www.epicwar.com/maps/208313/. By the way, no loading screen to reduce map size. I'll maybe add back when I've added everything I wanted. No new powerup yet either.

Here's the changelog of the things I've done:

*Rupture now has a cooldown when it takes effect

*HP per strength point reduced from 50 to 25
*Strength per level reduced from 5.0 to 2.5
*Strength cannot be bought if you have more than 125 already.
*Initial position now randomized
*Blink cast range reduced from 900 to 650
*Blink now escapes hooks
*Improved fountain regeneration rate from 7.5hp per second to 1% (of max HP) per second
*Ward cast range reduced from 500 to 200
*Ward charges from 3 to 2

*Fixed a bug with Rupture in which it would not end when you Doppelwalked a Level 5 Strygwyr Claws Meat Hook

*Floating text is no longer shown if you can’t see the unit
*Changed flame model so it is easier to attack manually
*Changed hotkeys of Upgrades shop
*Command –unstuck now moves camera instantly

*Added new game mode: timed mode (-tmxxx)
Timed mode will set the game to last xxx minutes. The team that has the most kills at the end of this time will be the winners. Example usage: -tm030nt. This will make a 30 minute game with revive time of 5 seconds. In this way, a draw can occur.
*Added a team-switch mechanism (like DotA’s)
Usage: -switch x, this will initiate a switch request with a player on the other team. The value of x can be from 1 to 5 (even unused player slots). All players except one must then accept this request by typing –ok.
*HostBot command now different style. Instead of “k1n” for –km100nt, the style is now: k1 for –km10, n25 for –km250nt, etc. The first string is ‘k’ or ‘n’. HCL supports only kills mode for now. The number after it will be the kills required x10.
*Added command –camh to adjust camera distance
*Added more hints
*Changelog removed from quest menu

Also, the AI should be much better now. Check it out!

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