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28 May 2012 - Site Update

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28 May 2012 - Site Update Empty 28 May 2012 - Site Update

Post by Mr_Bean on 28/05/12, 05:16 pm

Hi guys,

I have made a few changes on the site, mainly with the forums. Here they are:

  • New sub-forum: Fixed Bugs. Reported bugs will be moved here from the Bugs forum once they are fixed.
  • New sub-forum: Screenshots and Replays. Members can post memorable screenshots and replays here, to share and discuss with the community.
  • Removed forum: Updates. News about in-development versions will be posted in the News forum instead. It seemed pointless having an Updates forum.
  • Changed permissions: Members can now post replies to topics in the News forum. Members can now also upload attachments in the Changelogs forum (if you really want to). Finally, members can also post replies to topics in the Site Updates forum.
  • Colour change: Clickable links will always appear white, whether they have been clicked or not. It just makes links more distinguishable. Example: link.

Please let me know what you think of these changes by replying to this thread. If you would like to see something else changed, please post here.

Finally, the member base seems to be growing fast! At the time of writing, we have 60 members. Please encourage your friends to sign up and participate in the discussions. This will really help Pudge Wars. Also, please follow the Twitter account here.

Update: You can now also log in to the website with your Facebook account. Note that this is still being configured.



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